Why Would Anyone Write a Book?

Dec 05

Why Would Anyone Write a Book?

I recently wrote a book  titled  –   “They Can’t Eat You –  My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success”.  I have been amazed as to how many people ask me “WHY?” … why did you write a book?  Until I heard the question for the 100th time I didn’t think much of it and then it dawned on me that it really is a VERY GOOD QUESTION!  Why would anyone write a book in the first place?  Books are usually  written for one of two reasons – ego or money.

a).  Money:  Money is very difficult to make when writing a book.   Less than 1/10th of 1% of all the books out there generate enough revenue to actually pay for the cost of producing the book.

b). Ego:  Ego is tricky.  I don’t know a sole that doesn’t have an ego.  The question is… HOW BIG OF AN EGO?   I find it remarkable when people tell me they don’t have an ego and ten minutes later they are the very one that MUST take charge of a conversation.  We all have egos; however, the work involved (even for ego maniacs) to write a book is so intense that one could argue writing a book is a lot less about  ego than you would think.  When writing my book I knew it wasn’t for money but I often asked myself if I was doing it for my ego?  I concluded I wasn’t and hopefully the contents will dispel this notion as it doesn’t set well with me at all.


My book took me 3 years and 11 full drafts to finally get it to print.  I released my book a few weeks ago and I am utterly shocked as to the demand and the depth of hunger people have for this sort of knowledge.  I nearly scrapped the book several times but I’m a bit competitive so my desire to “finish what I started” pushed me through the dark moments. I literally trashed the first three versions as they were too much about ME ME ME and I realized that was not at all what I was trying to accomplish.

I had no idea of the depth of desire that people have to hear about how a guy with a C+ high school education could overcome the lack of a traditional education or family money and SUCCEED like I have.   (Read the foreward)

I wrote the book to GIVE BACK! Why am I able to succeed but a guy with a Harvard MBA and tons of capital at his disposal fails time and time again?

I have been insanely blessed and had a burning pull compelling me to share (at the very least) how I did (do) it and how you can too.  My book is my gift to the millions of struggling entrepreneur’s out there that have been bloodied and bruised but they still have fire left in there belly.  I wrote it, sharing warts and all, to share how you will get knocked down and how you MUST pick yourself back up.  I wrote it as a “High Five” to the American Dream that “anyone can do it”.  I wrote it as a “how to” book as that is exactly how I would want to read it.

I wish I had written it sooner!

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