Marc Sparks: “Remember—They Can’t Eat You”

Mar 07

Marc Sparks:  “Remember—They Can’t Eat You”

Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Marc Sparks, and I am a serial entrepreneur. (And no, this isn’t some 12-step program, though there are those who would say I would definitely benefit from one, if such a group existed for entrepreneurs).  I’ve been a principal in more than sixty start-ups since 1978. My passion is building companies. It’s what I do best. I’m a born builder who loves to create magical and wonderful businesses from scratch. I’ve had some great successes over the years and some colossal losses, too. My life has been one event-filled outrageously wild ride!

This blog will be, too. My blogs will be about inspiring experiences in entrepreneurship, business successes and failures (what not to do is sometimes more important than what to do), world travel, food, health/exercise, faith and tenacity … all peppered with an outrageous sense of urgency.

Not long ago, a few of my closest friends and colleagues convinced me to do something I never thought I’d do: write a book.  The result—They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success in Business and Life—will be published sometime in 2013. To understand why I picked that title, you’ll need to know more about me.

Marc Sparks has made (and lost) millions, yet life never has been about becoming wealthy.

I was fired from my first job… and made my first million by the age of twenty-seven, manufacturing home décor items—all without going to college. I’ve been a landscaper, furniture salesman, and a restaurateur, among many other things. Through it all, it has never been about “getting rich.” To me, being rich is having a quality relationship with God, good health, a happy family, loyal friends, and being debt-free.  That last one—living debt-free—is as important as any item on that list. While it takes discipline, my philosophy is, if I can’t pay for it in cash, I cannot afford it—Period.

Marc  Sparks is a fierce competitor and a survivor.

I’ve been to the mountain top, starting and selling many successful businesses—even realizing every entrepreneur’s dream by taking one of those companies public. I got to ring the opening bell on Wall Street! And I’ve descended to the deepest valley when I lost it all. Everything was gone. Through it all, I came to one crystal-clear revelation: no matter how bad things get—even as I stood toe-to-toe with the Justice Department and SEC—They Can’t Eat You. No matter what happened, I’d still be alive, and I could start all over again. And that’s what I did.  I started over again.

Marc  Sparks lives his life to give back to others, but shuns the spotlight.

I genuinely live my life by these words:

“To whom much is given, of him shall much be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.” — Luke 12:48

The only possible explanation for my outrageous success is so I can give back to others.  You don’t get a free pass in life. What you get, you must give back. That’s what this book—and this blog—are all about. All proceeds from my book will go to support The Samaritan Inn, a 60-room homeless shelter located in Collin County, Texas.  This blog, in many ways, is simply an extension of the book. From time to time, I’ll highlight points from the book, as well as offer my viewpoints on current events.

Why? It’s all part of giving back to others. If reading about my experiences—the good and the bad—helps anyone reach a higher level of success in whatever they choose to do, then this will have been yet another successful venture.

You may not agree with everything I write—Lord knows that I, Marc Sparks, am not perfect. But this much I do know: No matter what happens in life, They Can’t Eat You!

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